Black Horse Westerns

I can’t get enough of these.  It’s mills and boon for the tough guys.  The pictures are amazing, such great perspective and such violence and action!  I’ve never read any of them but I think I might give one a try because we have so many of them circulating round the libraries that if I like it I will be sorted for reading matter for ages.  The format is wonderful too, chunky little hardbacks with bright bright colours.  The titles and author names are often nearly as funny as the pictures…..’Misfit Lil gets even’ by Chap O’Keefe wins on both these counts.




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6 responses to “Black Horse Westerns

  1. I can’t decide which is the greater name: Chap O’Keefe or Chad Hammer!

  2. Pioneer blogger Grumpy Old Bookman (a one-time favourite of the Guardian newspaper) wrote way back of Miss Lilian Goodnight, “Misfit Lil … What a terrific name for a character, eh? This book belongs to an endangered species: the western. As for the story: totally professional, as you would expect, and a lot of fun.” They were fun to write, too. Just staying onscreen (i.e. not going to the library) you can sample “Misfit Lil Robs the Bank” at and “Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope” at As for “Chap O’Keefe”, I decided way back in 1992 this was a much livelier name for a western author than plain old Keith Chapman!

  3. I actually write for this imprint, though my pen name is pretty straightforward, Jack Martin. The name Chap O’Keef actually comes from Keith Chapman and I think you’ll enjoy the book inside that colorful cover. Great article – Mills and Boons for Tough Guys – I loved that and may use that in my advertising.

  4. You are correct though and in terms of providing harmless escapism and enjoyment, the Black Horse titles are very much Mills and Boons for tough guys,

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